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Length: 10.00 meters

Year: 2018

Price: 150.000 EUR

Semi custom 10m rib. Powered by twin 350 or 400hp Verados or inboards. 50+ knots. This model nearing completion and various build slots available. Fantastic chase tender combining excellent performance with the practicality for up to 14 ...   Read more


Length: 8.40 meters

Year: 2013

Price: 220.000 EUR

27-foot open Riva. This boat is an ex yacht tender, beautifully presented in an as new condition. It features Riva’s unmistakable design style. Unique build that features water jet propulsion allowing cruising even in very shallow ...   Read more


Length: 11.22 meters

Year: 2010

Price: 220.000 EUR

Goldfish 36 P1 Supersport fitted with the Mercury Racing engines, IMCO SCX semi surface racing drives and herings props. Easily achieving a top speed of over 90 knots, breathless acceleration. The only boat of its type with this engine ...   Read more


Length: 8.10 meters

Year: 2016

Price: 230.000 EUR

The new Windy SR26 tender has been designed as a bespoke yacht tender. Every part of the boat has been designed to offer the best solutions for yacht owners. The hull is of a deep V monohedron construction impressive performance and excellent ...   Read more


Length: 11.50 meters

Year: 2017

Price: 242.000 EUR

New 11.5m chase tender available to order. Choice of twin or triple outboard or twin inboard engine set up. Performance hull reaching speeds of 65 knots depending on engine configurations. Long range cruising capabilities and comfortable ...   Read more


Length: 10.50 meters

Year: 2018

Price: 250.000 EUR

One of the very latest Limo tender offerings on the market. Unique due to it being powered by twin outboards, this 34ft model offers exceptional value for money whilst maintaining a high level of build quaility and based upon a tried and tested ...   Read more


Length: 16.10 meters

Year: 2015

Price: 899.000 EUR

The Windy SR52 is a very exclusive boat. They are built to order to the very highest standard by the special projects division at Windy and represent one of the most technically advanced boats in its class.  SYT have been involved with ...   Read more