Due to our extensive experience in the yacht tender market and the fact that we supply both new and pre owned tenders to our clients we are frequently asked the question about the pro's and cons of purchasing new or pre owned. There is no easy answer and depends very much on the yachts circumstances taking into account the following:

- Assigned Budget / Timescale / Dimensions and Specifications / New or Existing Yacht.

Yacht tender brokerage is at an all time high with a large variety of boats on the market at reduced prices. However for owners that are looking for a custom product is a second hand tender going to meet thier exacting requirements? Does a new boat that is delivered under warranty provide the piece of mind that a pre owned boat cannot match? Can the depreciation be justified over a short period of time? 

These are just a few of the questions that arise with any given purchase. Make use of our full consultancy and advisory service by contacting a member of the SYT team.